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FREE Shipping on orders over $275
FREE Shipping on orders over $275
  • Western Star Thermal Bonded Soccer Ball Size 5: Thermal Bonded construction is a fairly new process that creates a bonded seal around the ball. The construction is completely seamless, and therefore does not allow the ball to be compromised from the seams. This means a completely weather proof, air leak-free, design.
  • Built for Performance: Our balls offer a super responsive feel, and soft touch! Perfect for Kids, Youth, toddlers, training, or as a match ball.
  • Superior Construction: Our one piece construction offers a seamless construction. The ball retrains its shape while also being absolutely impenetrable!
  • No Leaks!: A seamless construction means no need to worry about air leaks, water penetration, or tears! The ball is completely weather proof!
  • 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee! We offer a 30-day full money back guarantee! No questions asked!

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